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Other Engineering Products

Crank Shaft

Product Overview

  • We supply crankshaft for trucks, automobiles, tractors, generator etc under strict supervision and stringent material analysis.
  • Each and every product is prepared after rigorous testing for geometrical parameters, tensile strength, and surface roughness before its final release.
  • Our crankshafts are always prepared with latest tools and technologies as per clients™ specifications.

Connecting Rods

Product Overview

  • We purchase high quality forgings from most reputed suppliers to manufacture connecting rods. Having streamlined manufacturing process from machining to honing, we produce more than 8000 connecting rods every month.
  • We use material of Grade CK45 with low alloy chromium in order to maintain good tensile and resistance strength.
  • The finished components are further analyzed for various parameters like surface roughness, honing angles, and geometrical dimensions etc.


Product Overview

Pistons for both Passenger Diesel Cars and Gasoline applications. We manufacture cast ring carrier pistons for Passenger Diesel Car Engines made from high temperature resistant aluminum alloys both with and without cooling gallery.

  • Pistons with bore diameters ranging from 40 to 250 mm
  • Pistons suitable for both passenger Diesel Car Engines & Gasoline applications
  • Pistons with Low weight and high structural rigidity
  • Highly suitable for increased specific power output

Valve Guide & Piston Pins

Product Overview

  • Centrifugally casted valve guides with precise machining and grinding to match highly complex geometrical parameters.
  • Prepared using quality fabrics like grey cast irons, bronze, copper etc
  • The final product is inspected for dimension, smoothness, material quality, tensile strength, hardness and profile testing is also applied.
  • Close Clearance of 20microns in inside diameter and 15 microns on outside diameter.
  • We manufacture perfect mirror finish piston pins which are duly heat treated with 60 HRC. Piston Pins are manufactured with 20 Mn Cr5 materials with hardening process to achieve the case hardness of 52-60Hrc.
  • We use materials like Alloy Steel grade SAE8620 / EN353 / 16mncr5 etc. to manufacture our products and we do also offer customized solutions to our clients.

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